Bot Development

Bot Development
Bots are artificial intelligence systems that interact with users via messaging, text, or speech. They’re being used on websites, as well as on platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat, and more. They allow businesses to move communication with their customers or potential customers forward without human participation.

Your brand can essentially be present 24/7. That said, a bot is only as good as its programming and user input allow it to be. Additionally, bots require training.

Complete automation or AI replacement for customer service isn’t feasible at this time. However, we’ve made leaps and bounds in just a very short time.

The technology is now becoming advanced enough that bots can be used in a meaningful way, and this is expected to continue to grow.

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Anastasios Schinas is a Senior Program Developer with substantial revenue in giving sollutions for any given project. In SingularLogic eManpower and Galaxy Payroll we are Listening. Your voice is heard and you are the one's that make our business worth our time spending on programming! We are creating for you.

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Our customer centered approach aims to improve your current branding, to solve complex matters and to find creative ways to make your name stand up in the market.

We believe our extended and differentiated clientele and our repeat business are proof positive of our commitment to delivering outstanding results for our clients. Simply talk to any member of our team or any of our clients and you will quickly sense that something is different.

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The first thing we need to analyze here is: What do you mean "The Best" or How can you measure "The Best" Companies in Europe?

You don't have to trust our numbers or our analysts. You don't have to believe our words or our sayings. We know what to do and how to transform your Company or Project into a profitable Model. We work with algorithms!
Algorithm. Plural noun: algorithms. A process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer. Imagine what we can do. We use these computers!!!
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